I majored in Home Economics and studied Child Development. I was married eight years before we had one boy. He is now a Doctor in family medicine. He thinks people should be required to get a license before having children. The recent pre-meditated killing of the Powell children proves how evil people can be. One person said Powell thought of the children as possessions.

Our very poor court system treats children the same way. They are sent back and forth between parents, sometimes every other week. They literally have no place to call their own. I was a teacher and a substitute teacher. I would have students stay after class to talk to me. When one boy I had befriended had his Mother come to pick him up she immediately started yelling at him and belittling him. Then I knew why he wanted to talk to me instead.

When will our society learn to value and care for children? Horrific things are happening to them. Family and child welfare are failing miserably at protecting them. Our society holds great danger for many of these precious, beautiful souls. When will laws to protect them be a high priority?

Elisabeth Anne Sperry