Kristin Murphy, Deseret News archives
Jon Huntsman Jr.

SALT LAKE CITY Jon Huntsman may be taking a break from politics, but his campaign's secret weapons are still into it. The "Jon 2012 Girls" Abby, Liddy and Mary Anne are still tweeting, and still pulling for their dad.

Just a few days ago, KSL News spent some time with the girls at the house where it all began: the north Hollywood home where Jon Huntsman Jr. lived when he was voted "king" of his class in school.

The quiet, one-story house with a big pine tree in the front yard is a reminder of what was. But Jon Huntsman Jr. isn't looking back. In fact, his daughters say he's probably aiming for the top again.

"I think we've realized that our dad and it's very rare in this situation his flame has just been ignited, and this is not the last you'll see of our dad," Abby said.

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