RIVERTON — A bizarre sequence of events among apartment tenants in December has led to two felony charges and a misdemeanor charge being filed against a 20-year-old Riverton man.

Jackson Thomas Pyne was charged this week in 3rd District Court with second-degree felony counts of kidnapping and burglary as well as a misdemeanor charge of assault stemming from an incident on Dec. 17.

A woman told police a man began repeatedly banging on her door and ringing the doorbell at 2:30 a.m. She refused to answer and a short time later heard banging on the patio sliding glass door as if someone was trying to break in. She called a male friend and told him what was happening.

Pyne, according to charging documents, got in through the door by jiggering it and confronted the woman in her bedroom, where he pinned her down with his weight. He then dragged her from the bedroom, picked her up, carried her down three flights of stairs and tried to force her into his car, according to the documents.

By that time, the friend had arrived, and called police. When he tried to intervene, Pyne is accused of choking him and punching him in the head. Pyne fled toward the apartments when officers arrived. He was later apprehended.

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