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Jordan Miles
POS-IM booth at a retailer show displaying its new iPhone integration platform to help small businesses with payments and inventory.

KAYSVILLE — POS-IM released a new iPhone integration platform to aid small businesses with electronic payments and inventory.

POS-IM is a small business based in Kaysville that was started in 1986. A father and son team of entrepreneurs developed a point=of-sale system for their own retail store and realized that other small businesses also needed a similar product to help run their stores. Point of Sale is a business term for tools used at the actual sales traction like cash registers or product scanners.

So seeing an opportunity for a simple POS software system to make the difference for small to medium-size businesses, they started POS-IM and developed the software and tools needed to run many different types of sales operations. POS-IM's software today is being used by thousands of business across the globe to run inventory and POS transactions.

With POS-IM's new iPhone integration, businesses can run sales and credit card transactions remotely though an iPhone and the transaction will be recorded in the store's main inventory. Getting started with POS-IM will run you about $4,200 to get a full system set up and running properly.