St. Martin's Press, Associated Press
In this book cover image released by St. Martin's Press, "Home Front," by Kristin Hannah, is shown.

NEW YORK — "Home Front" (St. Martin's Press), by Kristin Hannah: Fans of Kristin Hannah's books appreciate her ability to create entertaining stories that are also relatable.

Her latest novel, "Home Front," is no different.

The book follows a married couple named Michael and Jolene. Michael is a busy attorney and Jolene is a helicopter pilot with the National Guard. Their lives are so hectic with their children and careers that they've grown apart. The distance between them has created resentment and bitterness.

As the couple finds themselves at a crossroad in their marriage, they are interrupted by Jolene's sudden deployment to Iraq. Michael must suddenly switch gears from career to family as he becomes the primary caregiver of their two children.

The story takes Jolene on her tour in Iraq where readers meet some of her fellow soldiers and get an idea of what life is like in battle. She must fight to remain focused while feeling guilty over leaving her children.

Meanwhile, we also see Michael's juggling act at home, where he gains a new appreciation for Jolene.

Jolene returns from Iraq unexpectedly but her homecoming isn't easy. She's angry, depressed and feels alone. Her children don't warm up to her right away, and Michael and Jolene's relationship still needs repair.

Readers of "Home Front" may not know what it's like to have a loved one in the military, but they can likely relate to the idea of a relationship in trouble and the challenges of juggling career with family.