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Everyday Objects 1: piggy bank

In Ike J. May's Letter to the Editor he states that President Obama's policies and procedures helped create the "net" for the poor ("Romney, the very poor," Readers' Forum, Feb. 5).

I have worked in the field of Medicaid, food stamps and financial aid for 20 years. The "net" has been established and maintained over those 20 years plus by many presidents. President Obama's only addition to the net is to expand the economic need people have to partake from the net.

Mitt Romney is correct. The rich are doing fine. It is the middle class that is really hurting as many of them are now partaking from the net. If we can get the middle class back to work, it will help those who are in the net to climb out whether they are middle class or not. The big concern at this time is how to keep that net there as the cost is draining the piggy banks of the nation.

Shirley Giles