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Gene J. Puskar, Associated Press
Residents and supporters break down the Occupy Pittsburgh encampment in Mellon Green Park on Sunday, Feb. 5, 2012. Judge Chirstine Ward said on Thursday, Feb. 2, 2012 that the protesters had three days to leave the downtown park owned by the Bank of New York Mellon Corp.

PITTSBURGH — A judge on Monday issued what appeared to be the final eviction order for the Occupy Pittsburgh protestors.

Judge Christine Ward ordered the county sheriff to evict protestors and their belongings from a downtown park owned by Bank of New York Mellon Corp. after Sheriff William Mullen had asked for that specific order.

Last week Ward ordered the protesters to voluntarily leave the camp by noon Monday, but about a dozen tents remained after the deadline. Most tents and belongings were removed from the park without incident over the weekend.

But some protestors suggest they might non-violently resist eviction from the park.

Occupy Pittsburgh protesters held a rally at noon and slowly dismantled tents around the downtown park, but there were no police officers in sight at that time.

Douglas Shields, a former Pittsburgh City Council member who attended the rally, said that local officials, law enforcement and business leaders decided on a low-key approach to the protests.

"They chose not to push the issue, like they did in New York City, and Oakland," Shields said, adding that was a "good thing" for Pittsburgh.

Several protestors said the movement will continue, but didn't provide specifics.

Last week the Allegheny County Sheriff's Department said that the Occupy Camp would be handled like any other eviction.

Mullen declined to comment on when his department will enforce the eviction.

As many as 100 protesters have camped at the park since Oct. 15, but that number dropped to only a handful with the onset of winter.

The bank sued in late December, saying that it owned the land and adding that the park was normally closed each winter anyway.