Gary Mckellar, Deseret News
Jazz head coach Jerry Sloan, talks to John Stockton.

SALT LAKE CITY — John Stockton was all economy of movement, a cool spin in a fast car when he was playing for the Jazz.

So it makes sense the Hall of Fame guard would consider last week's eruption between CEO Greg Miller and Karl Malone a simple enough issue to resolve: Just talk.

"If they were there together every day, it would roll off everyone's back and not be comment-able," Stockton said on Monday.

He pointed out that disagreements happen often when teams are together. In this case, Malone made remarks on the radio about management not backing Jerry Sloan in a dispute with Deron Williams. He also spoke of needing to buy Jazz tickets from a scalper.

Miller responded by accusing Malone of lying and described him in a blog as a pain.

On Saturday Miller declined to comment to the Deseret News on whether he had talked with Malone since the dispute went national.

Stockton said he had heard little of the disagreement but knew of it happening. "I just always believed that all comments are better face-to-face, whether they're derogatory or whether they're not," he said. "Hopefully they can resolve it. We all had a special relationship. It was a special time in my life and I know it was in theirs, and I'd hate to see that tarnished outside the lines of the court."

Among the subjects Malone addressed in his Jan. 27 remarks on 1280 The Zone was the possibility of coaching. He even raised the idea of himself, Jeff Hornacek and Stockton coaching together.

Asked if he would ever coach, Stockton said he has two kids in high school, one in the fifth grade, one playing in Europe and another at Gonzaga. "I don't know. Right now I've got my hands full," he said. "I've got all the games I can afford to see right now."

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