Michigan House GOP Communicaitons, Associated Press
ADVANCE FOR SUNDAY, FEB. 5 AND THEREAFTER - In a Nov. 24, 2010 photo provided by the Michigan House GOP Communications, Rep. Mike Shirkey, R-Clarklake is shown. Shirkey, a leading proponent of right-to-work measures, says he hopes the recent passage of Indiana's right-to-work law will persuade Michigan to take a similar step in hopes of lessening union clout and attracting more jobs.

LANSING, Mich. — The debate over whether Michigan should become a right-to-work state has intensified because of actions in a neighboring state.

Indiana recently became a right-to-work state.

Supporters of right-to-work laws say Michigan should follow suit in order to stay competitive for business investment and jobs. Critics say right-to-work laws don't have much influence on business decisions and that making such a move would hurt the state.

Democrats appear united against right-to-work efforts in Michigan. But there's some division among Republicans.

Republican Gov. Rick Snyder says a right-to-work debate would be divisive, and he doesn't want such a measure sent to his desk.

Supporters of right-to-work are expected to soon introduce a Michigan proposal in the state Legislature.