It's cool to win individual things but team wins are much better. —Travis Norseth


PROVO — It is no surprise that after the first four events Skyline has a commanding lead in the 4A boys state meet.

Mountain Crest looked like they might be an early threat to Skyline even though the Eagles started off hot with a narrow win over the top-seeded Mustangs in the 200-yard medley.

"We worked for it all year and I'm glad we got it," said Steven Deng. "It comes down to the push; whoever wants it more."

In the next race, William Watts of Mountain Crest edged out Olympus' Shawn Western in the 200-yard freestyle. Watts is also the heavy favorite to win the 500-yard freestyle.

Skyline still didn't surrender the overall lead thanks to two athletes who found the podium in the 200 free. James Sorensen came in fourth, while Ethan Beseris took fifth.

After the first two events, Skyline took firm control of the meet in the 200-yard medley relay with a one-two finish by Travis Norseth and Scott Sorensen, while Stuart Hill finished in fourth.

The two teammates had left the rest of the pack far behind and were left battling it out for the top spot. Sorensen made a furious push during the last 25 yards but Norseth had just enough in the tank to finish number one.

"He's my best friend," said Sorensen about Norseth, "which it what makes it that much more intense."

"That's how it's been," Norseth said.

"Since we were 12," interjected Sorensen.

"It's cool to win individual things," Norseth continued, "but team wins are much better."

Norseth was undoubtedly happy that his team took another step towards a team title in the next race thanks to David Amirkhanashvili who won the 50-yard freestyle.

On Saturday, Amirkhanashvili will have his hands full because he will go up against Mountain Crest's Anton Koponen and Brett Mortenson of Sky View for the 100-yard freestyle individual title.

Heading into the final day of the meet Skyline has earned 154 points, with Mountain Crest sitting in second place with 96 points.

Springville rounds out the top three with 84.5.

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4A Boys Results

Team Standings

1.Skyline 154; 2. Mountain Crest 96; 3. Springville 84.5; 4. Olympus 65; 5. Sky View 56; 6. Murray 49; 7. Highland 42.5; 8. Timpview 31.5; 9. Woods Cross 29; 10. East 27.5; 11. Bountiful 25; 11. Timpanogos 25; 13. Box Elder 22; 14. Orem 16; 15. Salem Hills 15; 16. Westlake 12; 17. Logan 9; 18. Mountain View 8; 19. Hillcrest 6.

Individual Results

200-yard medley relay — 1. Skyline 1:39.12; 2. Mountain Crest 1:39.80; 3. Highland 1:43.17; 4. Murray 1:43.63; 5. Olympus 1:44.09; 6. Springville 1:45.09.

200-yard freestyle — 1. William Watts, Mountain Crest, 1:42.07; 2. Shawn Western, Olympus, 1:42.79; 3. Connor Anderson, Springville, 1:45.26; 4. James Sorensen, Skyline, 1:45.45; 5. Ethan Beseris, Skyline, 1:50.62; 6. Steven Long, Murray, 1:51.35.

200-yard individual medley — 1. Travis Norseth, Skyline, 1:56.08; 2. Scott Sorensen, Skyline, 1:56.14; 3. John Morris, Springville, 2:01.34; 4. Stuart Hill, Skyline, 2:02.79. 5. Porter Roe, Mountain Crest, 2:03.62; 6. Jarom Chamberlain, Olympus, 2:03.76.

50-yard freestyle — 1. David Amirkhanashvili, Skyline, 21.86, 2. Brett Mortenson, Sky View, 22.63; 3. Robert Glasgow, Timpview, 22.67; 4. Seth Mason, Salem Hills, 22.85; 5. Keeton Hodgson, Bountiful, 22.88; 6. Kevin Harper, Orem, 22.98.