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BYU women's coach Jeff Judkins.

A recent article in the paper congratulated Jeff Judkins, coach of the Brigham Young University womens basketball team, on his 221 wins ("BYU women's basketball: Jeff Judkins, a star with the Utes, has made his mark at BYU with recruiting," Jan. 18). We had sons playing ball at Highland High School at the same time that Jeff was playing and was the star. We have enjoyed following his career at the University of Utah., NBA, back to the U. and on to the Y.

He has been a great example and a favorite speaker for youth groups. I have heard him recount how often boys would come up to him and say, "I'd give anything to play ball like you do." He'd point out that he had, in fact, given almost everything to play so well. He'd missed most of the parties, dances, trips and hanging out time in order to practice, eat well and get nine hours of sleep. The fortunate young women on his team are coached well, and not just in how to shoot the ball.

Carolyn B. Nelson

Salt Lake City