Jeffrey D. Allred, Deseret News
Assistant manager George Pence arranges the alcohol at a State liquor store in Salt Lake City, Utah

In Utah there are over 2,000 alcohol-related vehicular tragedies annually. Although Utah enjoys the lowest DUI rates in the nation, we are not immune to the consequences of those who abuse alcohol.

Alcohol regulation is not a moral issue, even in Utah. Alcohol regulation is a health and safety issue, and a recent study conducted in 2011 by the CDC showed that consumption of alcohol was 48 percent higher in recently privatized states compared to control states. Studies also show that 90 percent of all alcohol is consumed by 30 percent of the drinkers, and chronic over-drinkers are the ones who are at greatest risk of harming themselves or others.

This is how our laws protect us, by minimizing the risk of over-consumers. Please, encourage your legislator to keep current controls in place that preserve these safeguards in Utah.

Kevin Scholzname

Chairman of S.M.A.R.T in Utah County