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Scott G. Winterton, Deseret News
Bingham's #13 Ashton Henderson (left front) wrestles with Riverton's #40 Whitney Saunders (top left) and #21 Morganne Campbell (CQ) (bottom right) for the ball. Bingham's #10 Summer Yack is at (top right). Riverton and Bingham play Thursday, Jan. 13, 2011 at Riverton. (Scott G Winterton, Deseret News)

SOUTH JORDAN — One of the state's best players will miss the remainder of her senior season.

Bingham guard Summer Yack tore her ACL in the final two minutes of the Miners' loss to American Fork last Thursday.

"I don't even remember thinking," said Yack, who is committed to playing for SLCC next fall. "I knew it was bad. It was a bad feeling."

She was playing defense when she felt a pop in her knee.

"I just turned to pivot," she said. "No one was around me at all. … I don't think I've ever taken basketball for granted, but this is really hard to take. This past week has been tough."

Yack said she couldn't bear to call SLCC head coach Betsy Specketer after learning that she'd torn her ACL and was out for the season.

"My dad had to make that call," she said. The college has assured her that they're still willing to honor her scholarship, something for which she is very grateful.

Yack, who averages nearly 14 points per game, said the most difficult part of not playing the rest of her senior season is never suiting up with her teammates again.

"That's the hardest part," she said, "knowing that I won't play with that same group ever again. I knew it was coming up, but I definitely didn't expect to go out like that."

The Miners will sorely miss Yack as she is the team's only senior, one of it's captains and its most reliable scorer.

"Obviously we'll miss her shooting," said head coach Rand Rassmussen. "But we'll miss her unselfishness, her ability to find the right person and to get them set up to score. Just her presence."

Rasmussen said he first met Yack at a summer camp when she was in third grade. He knew she was destined to be something special.

"You could tell right away," he said. "Some kids come to camp and want to be at camp, want to be a lady Miner, want to be a college player. She had goals all the way through school. You can tell that a mile away."

With a 3.9 GPA, Yack is a candidate for Academic All-State, which illustrates just how hard she is willing to work regardless of the task.

"She's from a family of athletes, and that work ethic has been demonstrated in her family," Rasmussen said. "She plays as hard at practice as she does in a game. When we finish practicing, she'll go back to the gym and shoot some more. ... She's the kind of kid who will go to rehab 40 times a day rather than once."

And Yack said she plans to remain involved and a part of this year's team.

"She's the only senior, the top scorer and I know she feels a little bit like she let her team down," said Rasmussen. "She hasn't missed a practice yet. She was at practice Saturday morning at 6:20 a.m., giving them high fives and encouraging them. It was pretty cool."