Douglas C. Pizac, Associated Press
Lt. Col. David Lucia, rear, taxis his fully armed F-16 fighter jet past a parked aircraft on his way to the runway for takeoff Thursday, Feb. 14, 2002, at Hill Air Force Base, in Ogden. The first F-16 touched down at Hill Air Force Base 30 years ago, signifying the beginning of what has been an historic relationship between the base and fighter jet.

We are all wondering what will happen to Hill Air Force Base now that the tea party and the Republicans are getting what they have been demanding. The tae party has virtually shut down federal government over the stipulation that the government cut spending. President Obama has announced that we are going to change the way we approach national defense, saving $487 billion, but putting the base in danger of closing.

The delegation that we sent to Washington have been particularly obstructive to any change that is not in their stratagem aimed at reducing the budget. Our senators, Orrin Hatch and Mike Lee have been decidedly outspoken. Perhaps they should start putting their money where their mouths have been.

James D. Smith

Pleasant Grove