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Eric Gay, Associated Press
A flight attendant waves a New York Giants team flag out of the window of the plane as the team arrives at the Indianapolis International Airport for NFL footbal's Super Bowl XLVI Monday, Jan. 30, 2012, in Indianapolis.

INDIANAPOLIS — Unlike four years ago when they dressed in black suits as a symbol of unity before facing the undefeated Patriots, the Giants returned to the Super Bowl this time with no sartorial gimmicks.

Touching down in Indianapolis for their rematch with New England on Sunday, New York is just as confident this time around.

No one gave them a chance to knock off the Patriots in the Arizona in 2008, but the Giants pulled off a shocking 17-14 upset.

If they win this time around, no one will be shocked. The Giants beat the Patriots in the regular season and they come to Indianapolis with almost as much momentum as New England.

It showed as they walked down the ramp of the plane. Attire was a personal decision.