Hasan Sarbakhshian, File, Associated Press
FILE - This Tuesday June 27, 2006 file photo shows Senegalese President Abdoulaye Wade, as he waves to photographers during a farewell ceremony in Tehran. Senegal's highest court ruled just after midnight on Monday that the West African country's aging leader was eligible to run for a third term in next month's election, rejecting the appeals filed by the opposition and eliminating the last legal avenue for challenging President Abdoulaye Wade's candidacy.

DAKAR, Senegal — The paramilitary police say two people were killed in Senegal during an anti-government protest, and a witness says security forces opened fire on the crowd.

Amadou Diagne Niang, a resident of the northern town of Podor, said the two dead Monday include an elderly woman and a high school student. He says they were killed when security forces opened fire on the crowd after protesters refused to disperse.

Cmdr. Papa Ibrahima Diop, a spokesman for the national gendarmerie, says had been informed that two people were killed in Podor, but he could not disclose details. He says the gendarmerie was investigating.

Senegal has been on edge since Friday, when the country's highest court validated President Abdoulaye Wade's bid to run for a third term even though the constitution was changed in 2001 to impose a two-term maximum.