As a citizen of Draper, I am disgusted with the Canyon School District and their total disregard for the citizens of Draper and a democratic process. As the world unfortunately now knows, the school board was suppose to allow those that would be attending the high school in the future to choose their mascot and colors.

Selections had been narrowed down through a democratic process, and a final choice was made of "the Cougars." Seventeen other schools in this state, including one private institution, BYU, endear this animal as their mascot.

Unfortunately, the Canyon School District took the prudish and embarrassing step to say that they could not use the "cougar" because of its reference also as an "older female prowler."

This type of decision-making only adds to the stereotypes already present in the world regarding Utah and it's citizens as over zealous, religious and footloose type weirdos. I don't want to add to the Utah/BYU rivalry, as it doesn't need any more fire, but I think the boards decision was made because of a bunch of Utah fans who could not stand to have their kids be "Cougars."

Whatever the case, it is an embarrassment to us all, and the Canyons School District has the time to change it back and do the right thing. Corner Canyon Cougars has a great ring, I'm not so sure about "Chargers," aren't they associated with San Diego?

Jeff Tanner