Tom Smart, Deseret News
Deron Williams and the Jazz Bear hug as the Utah Jazz play the New Jersey Nets in NBA basketball which features former Jazz players Deron Williams and Mehmet Okur\'s first return to play their former team since being traded Saturday, Jan. 14, 2012, in Salt Lake City, Utah.

I agree whole-heartedly with Elaine Babcock's letter ("Williams deserved better" Readers' Forum, Jan. 21). It is embarrassing that Utah Jazz fans booed Deron Williams during his first game back.

Conversely, I am impressed with fans at the recent University of Utah vs. Utah State University gymnastics meet. Fans cheered for everyone regardless of which team they represented. Notwithstanding the fact that gymnasts accomplish outstanding physical feats, and it would be a shame to boo any of them; fans of any sport should follow suit and treat opponents with civility. Williams especially deserves respect for his valuable playmaking with the Jazz throughout six seasons.

Heather Newbold