Kevin Lee, for the Deseret News
Students from Saint Vincent De Paul School cheer during a 2007 rally at the State Capitol building.

Thank you to DeLaina Tonks for highlighting her experience as a virtual school educator ("Utah teachers embrace school choice," My View Jan. 19). As a teacher myself, I'm thrilled to see educators like Tonks dispel myths about school choice for teachers and various school settings.

I couldn't agree more with the assessment that teachers should see school choice as an exciting opportunity for the overall teaching profession. Just a generation ago, one wouldn't fathom the options teachers have now with regard to education settings including virtual, charter and even private school positions. While the debate is clearly centered on students, Tonks is correct in shifting the discussion to teachers. It's high time we recognize that this movement is not just about kids but about creating a profession for a new age.

I hope that opinions like this will serve as inspiration to young people considering a career in teaching. The fact is flexibility and the ability to select one's school has the power to attract and retain some of our nation's best teachers. As a member of the Association of American Educators (AAE) I'm thrilled to be supported by an association that embraces and supports teachers in all professional settings.

The future in Utah is school choice.

Allyson White

Special Education Teacher