Max Perry Erickson1916 ~ 2012Max Perry Erickson, 95, died peacefully on January 24, 2012. He was born August 18, 1916 in Salt Lake City, the oldest of three sons of John Perry and Mary Melvira Higgs Erickson. He graduated from East High School and the University of Utah. He worked for the U.S. Geological Survey for several years then began graduate studies at the University of Utah and later at Stanford University. In 1946, he began his teaching career at the University of Utah and for more than four decades taught mineralogy and geology at that institution. He married Winifred Rees and together they had eight children: Laurelle (Sterling) Gerber, Rowene (Les, dec) Jensen, Winston (Laurel) Perry, Hilda Kathryn (Jim) Pack, Merrila, Wynnette (James) Rybicki, Max Weslyn (Elizabeth), and Kamet Maurice. Max and Winnie divorced, but their progeny continues to grow into great, great grandchildren. Max is survived by his children and his youngest brother, Ross (Julia). He is preceded in death by his mother; father; and his brother Forrest (Rowen). December 21, 1977 Max married Eliana Rosas Vasquez. His love for her was deep, constant and supportive, as it was for her two grown children, Ivan Urzua and Sandra Urzua (deceased). His great care and love was selflessly extended to Elaina's granddaughter, Daniela (Erik) Jex, whom together with Eliana, they raised lovingly, into adulthood.Max was a strong man. His career was tied to rocks and natural elements, but more importantly, so was his character. Max was as individual, strong and as solid as so many of nature's wonders. So much of his happiness was derived from exploring and getting to know our Earth, whether driving through mountains or desert on a dusty dirt road, or restfully gazing into the night skies. Max respected these natural elements; he connected with them and absorbed them into his being. This tremendous strength of character influenced many and he always taught through example. In his classrooms, he presented the wonders and secrets of rocks to his students. In life, he gave us his wonderfully solid, unique and steadfast character which was so respected, so admired and such a testament to life.Arrangements entrusted to Starks Funeral Parlor. Online condolences may be offered to the family at was loved and will be deeply missed.