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LDS Motion Picture Studio
A scene from \"Johnny Lingo\"

NOTE: This article updates the Deseret News story "iPhone apps redefine religious worship" published Nov. 30 that highlighted smartphone technologies pertaining to Jewish, Catholic and LDS faiths.

SALT LAKE CITY — "Johnny Lingo," the 1969 short film that remains an iconic symbol of Mormon culture as much for its endearing off-beat story as its enduring message, is one of the 720 videos users can download onto their iPhone via a new version of The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints' Gospel Library application.

Previously available for online streaming at the LDS Church's Mormon Channel website, "Johnny Lingo" is a 24-minute film set on an unnamed Pacific isle at a time when the acceptable currency for dowries is heads of cattle. Per the Mormon Channel's synopsis, the title character "bargains for a bride, paying an exorbitant amount and causing a sensation on the island. Being an expert trader, he knows the value of things — especially self esteem."

Downloading video content is significant because it allows for subsequent viewing without any Internet or data connection. Conversely, online streaming of videos requires constant high-speed Internet or data access and can be prone to interruptions or delays.

The video-download capability for Gospel Library is available with the app's 2.4.1 version for iPhones and iPads that posted in December. Other platforms of the Gospel Library app, such as the one supported by the Kindle Fire, do not yet boast this capability.

The categorical breakdown of the 720 videos available on the Gospel Library app is as follows: General Conference, 152; leadership training library, 78; Bible videos, 6; Mormon Messages, 6; Mormon Messages for youth, 9; supplemental materials for seminaries and institutes, 467; and feature films, 2.