Stuart Johnson, Deseret News
HOV lane along I-15 in Pleasant Grove.

The scariest part about society's seemingly complete disregard for traffic laws is that it is only the tip of the iceberg. The idea that it is only wrong if you get caught opens the door for complete lawlessness as people take upon themselves the role of deciding which laws to obey and which to disregard.

The driving force seems to be what level of risk people are willing to accept. It is not a matter of "everyone is doing it." Wrong is always wrong. Part of living in a free society is agreeing to abide by the rules established by that society.

Whether we choose to obey shows a measure of our commitment to principles of morality, ethics and integrity. Integrity and moral fortitude must be established in each person's life. We must hold ourselves to a higher standard than simply the laws of the land.

Jeff Porter