Text of letter sent to Roy High parents by principal about alleged plot:

Dear Royal Parents,

On January 25th, contact was made with the Roy High Administration that led to concerns that two students from Roy High were involved in making plans and taking steps to harm students and faculty at Roy High.

The information was provided to law enforcement for evaluation and an investigation was initiated. Two individuals were detained and arrested based on the information received and additional information discovered in the preliminary phase of the investigation.

Immediate action was taken to secure Roy High School and clear it of any potential threats. With assistance from the Weber County Bomb Disposal Unit, Alcohol Tobacco and Firearms (ATF) and K-9 Units from around Northern Utah with certification in the identification of bombs and explosives. No items were discovered and Roy High is in session as normal.

If your student has any information that you feel would be relevant to the situation please contact Roy High School Administration. We appreciate your support in regards to this unfortunate incident. We are confident that Roy High School is a safe, great school.


Gina Butters

Principal Roy High School