Geoff Liesik, Deseret News
Samantha Gilley is led out of 8th District Court in Duchesne after being sentenced Wednesday, Dec. 1, 2011, to 150 days in jail for child abuse homicide, a second-degree felony.

According to a recent article ("Man Admits he Caused Reno Blaze," Jan. 21), a person who accidentally left some ashes outside, which then blew away in fierce winds and resulted in catastrophe, is possibly facing jail time.

The losses sustained in Reno are ill-fated and heartrending, but jail is not for people who make an honest mistake. Jail is for criminals who are really dangerous. If this man is incarcerated for an accident — an accident he is remorseful for — then the legal system is worse than worthless, and any punishment he gets will be an act of vengeance, not of justice. If the country is really this degenerate, we can try to punish the wind for blowing the ashes into the air.

Jessica Christiansen

South Jordan