Charles Dharapak, AP
Republican presidential candidate, former Massachusetts Gov. Mitt Romney campaigns at the Florence Civic Center in Florence, S.C., Tuesday, Jan. 17, 2012. (AP Photo/Charles Dharapak)

When Romney was asked about his taxes and income he acted nervous and he weakly faltered. He should have spoken very firmly and said something like, "I have always paid all of my taxes according to the laws of this nation, and I always will".

When there is money left over, I invest it in our American industry which puts more people to work, like most investors do. When the government takes too much of our money (so we cannot make a profit), then we will have to quit investing or reduce our investments in American industry, which will cause the loss of jobs.

When Gingrich was accused of being dishonest to his marriage vows he replied by firmly attacking the press, and that won voters. Even though you must wonder whether or not a man who would not keep his word to more than one wife would keep his word to the voters. Evidently strong positive answers win voters, not reasonable truths.