Kristin Murphy, Deseret News
2 fifty dollar bills.

A viewpoint has been expressed recently that free enterprise is based on greed. Greed has been a factor since the world began and was certainly the basis for the feudal system, monarchies, slavery, class distinction, etc. The miracle of America was that the emphasis for the "common good" rose above that of greed.

Two examples: General Washington was considered a wealthy man yet risked his life and fortune to help establish this new birth of freedom. During World War II, our country unitedly, through free enterprise and without greed, sacrificed to conquer the threatening forces which would have made us all slaves.

Are not greed and selfishness our greatest enemies today? The essential Judeo-Christian values are rapidly being replaced with a "whatever you do is OK" attitude. I firmly believe that our nation of freedom will survive, however, not without overcoming greed.