Karim Kadim, Associated Press
Security forces inspect the scene of a car bomb attack in Sadr City eastern of Baghdad, Iraq, Tuesday, Jan. 24, 2012. Two separate car bombs exploded in the Shiite district of Sadr City killing and wounding several people, police said.

BAGHDAD — Iraqi officials say a leader of a Sunni militia that turned against al-Qaida in Iraq and sided with the U.S troops to fight the militants has been killed in Baghdad.

Police and hospital officials say Mullah Nadhum al-Jubouri died in a drive-by shooting in western Baghdad on Tuesday.

The officials spoke Wednesday on condition on anonymity because they were not allowed to talk to the media. Postings on an Islamic extremist website celebrated al-Jubouri's death.

Before joining the pro-government group known as Awakening Councils, al-Jubouri fought Americans alongside al-Qaida militants.

Before changing sides in 2007, he was detained by U.S. forces on suspicions of carrying out attacks, including downing a U.S. helicopter.