Every time I see a new school go up, my blood boils, as it did this morning when I saw the artist rendition of new Granger High School.

We spend tons on these buildings with all the fancy details. We should go back to one plan that is a very plain rectangle, not these exorbitant, expensive schools.

Then we would have more for actually teaching kids something worthwhile.

During the holidays there were numerous letters from students complaining about not getting out a day earlier and having to go back a day earlier than some and how much stress that caused. It is way past time that we quit coddling these kids so they will be prepared to go get a job when they graduate.

Many are spoiled babies; they just want everything given to them, and everything handled for them forever. If an extra day at school is so stressful, wait until they have to deal with the real world.

They have all these great buildings in which they should be learning, but buildings do not teach students skills they need to survive. As a taxpayer, I am sick of people complaining while we build these architectural wonders.

Taxpayers are not never ending sources of money, and it's our money you are spending.

Patricia Sorensen

Salt Lake City