Recently there were significant victories for Utah citizens. The SOPA and PIPA bills threaten to make the Internet a darker, less free place. Fortunately for us Sen. Orrin Hatch has made a bold statement in opposition to the bill, pledging to vote no and also withdraw his co-sponsorship.

When someone who originally supported the bill (for valid reasons about protecting people from the theft of their work) comes out against it, there is a clear message sent, and that message will hopefully start a domino effect that will lead other politicians to stand against this bill.

Unfortunately this great development is being marred by the kind of people who only seek to find fault, regardless of the situation. I have already seen people on Facebook, Twitter and other online venues trashing Hatch for changing his mind, back-pedaling, flip-flopping, etc. These are the very people who have been clamoring for Hatch to take action, and now that he has done what his constituents have asked, they are upset about it.

Would they prefer he voted yes on this bill so they can continue to write negative comments? Isn't this change exactly what they hoped to accomplish? Representatives are elected to represent us, and sometimes that means changing direction to better align with the will of the people. I guess there's just no pleasing some people.

Ron Petek