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The Indianapolis Star, Michelle Pemberton, Associated Press
Union members protest in front of House Speaker Brian Bosma's home in Indianapolis, Monday Jan. 23, 2012. Union members, many from Laborers' International Union of North America, Local 41, arrived in busses this morning to protest the Right to Work Bill at the Geist area home.

INDIANAPOLIS — Indiana House Democrats have resumed their boycott over divisive right-to-work legislation.

Most of the House's 40 Democrats skipped an afternoon session of the House on Tuesday. The move comes one day after Democrats lost an effort to put the right-to-work measure on the ballot.

Democrats have boycotted to deny Republicans the 67-member quorum needed to work on any proposals. Republican House Speaker Brian Bosma said he would try to achieve a quorum later Tuesday afternoon.

The Republicans are pushing to make Indiana the 23rd state to bar unions from collecting mandatory fees for representation.

The measure passed the Senate Monday. But Democrats walked off the House floor Monday after losing a series of bruising party-line votes in an effort to change the measure.