So much for Ostermania.

Ex-Jazz center Greg Ostertag's comeback in the developmental league ended after 10 games. He told, "I hope people understand that this was not a publicity stunt. I genuinely wanted to play basketball. The first couple weeks, I thought I was playing decent, but I just wasn't in shape."

He claimed he was starting to tone up but realized "I just can't move the way I need to."

Hmmm. Out of shape, unable to move …

So tell us again, how is that different from the 1995 Ostertag?


Vice President Joe Biden recently confused the baseball Giants with the football team of the same name, telling Democrats at a San Francisco fundraiser that "the Giants are on their way to the Super Bowl."

Biden is also predicting the Arizona Cardinals will win the World Series.


The new Corner Canyon High School in Draper is set to be named the Chargers, in spite of a student vote that preferred Cougars.

School board members decided not to use Cougars, in part because it was potentially offensive to middle-aged women.

Which also prevented naming them the Madonnas, Demis, Camerons or Chers.


It's interesting that a high school would reject the same mascot as BYU's for politically correct reasons.

Does this mean BYU will drop Cougars before Utah drops Utes?


The National Enquirer is claiming that reality TV star Khloe Kardashian is actually O.J. Simpson's daughter.

In related news, the magazine is also reporting Kato Kaelin has just been signed by the Buffalo Bills.


A Brigham City man received wounds to his buttocks last fall after his dog stepped on a shotgun as the man prepared duck decoys.

Gee, shot in the seat by your best friend.

Isn't that what's happening in the Republican primaries?


Hockey just finished celebrating the 111th birthday of the late Frank Zamboni.

Too bad he couldn't be there to celebrate, but sources say he was on ice.


The NBA fined Jazz forward Derrick Favors for tossing a ball into the stands. The cost: $25,000.

Or as the players like to call it, "parking change."

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