LOGAN — Authorities have issued a warning after another vehicle slid into an icy Utah river where a group of passers-by recently rescued three children from inside a car that rolled into the river.

The Utah Highway Patrol told Logan's Herald Journal that the truck's male driver escaped injury Saturday when he took a turn on U.S. Highway 89 a little too fast and ended up in the Logan River.

UHP Lt. Lee Perry said the truck landed upright and was removed within a couple of hours. The man, whose name was not immediately released, was the single occupant.

It's the same area where Roger Andersen, 46, lost control of his car Dec. 31 and slid into the river, trapping his 9-year-old daughter Mia and 4-year-old son Baylor, along with their friend, 9-year-old Kenya Wildman.

The car flipped upside-down and quickly became submerged.

A handful of bystanders stopped and within seconds, jumped into the frigid river to help.

The rescuers pulled the children from the car and passed them up the river bank to others, where some performed CPR on them. They were unconscious and not breathing, but have since recovered.

UHP troopers say there have been many accidents at the curve, which is narrow and can become icy in bad weather. A sign has been installed warning of a sharp curve.

"People who know about that spot just have to slow down," Perry said. "They just have to crawl up to that curve."

The Utah Department of Transportation plans to resurface a short stretch of highway near the curve.

— Associated Press