Education is the keystone to life. Without it, everything else will crumble. Too many people see no reason for education, so here are two reasons: money and human potential.

Everyone likes money. The average person who doesn't graduate high school only takes in about $25,705 a year. A high school graduate earns $35,035. A person with a bachelor's degree gets $55,864. A person with a master's degree can earn $68,879.

Humans can do almost anything they want. We put a man on the moon, we split an atom, we make something out of nothing, but it all requires education. Every last person on this earth, those who have gone and those yet to come, have something they can do to make the world better. The problem many encounter is they don't take the time to get the education required to use what they have.

Education is a very important factor in our lives. It shapes what we can and cannot do. Therefore, I would encourage everyone to learn.

Michael A. McLean