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Bobbie Walker Mabry, Associated Press
This photo provided by Bobbie Walker Mabry shows a painting by Mabry that hangs on the wall in her home in Raymond, N.H. The 82-year-old artist, who suffers from Parkinson's Disease and has been living a reclusive life, has found herself at the center of attention at a coffee shop where her paintings on display draw praise and profit.

RAYMOND, N.H. — An aging New Hampshire artist whose brush was stilled by Parkinson's disease is enjoying a revival of interest in her and her work.

Eighty-two-year-old Bobbie Walker Mabry had been living a reclusive life in Raymond when Kate LeBlanc knocked on her door.

LeBlanc had been intrigued by the weathered gallery sign over Mabry's mailbox. She became even more intrigued by Mabry and her vibrant paintings done before she lost control of her right hand to Parkinson's.

LeBlanc has helped Mabry auction some of her paintings at the coffee shop in Hampstead where LeBlanc works. The January auction raised more than $7,500 to help with Mabry's living expenses. And seeing her work on exhibit once again raised Mabry's spirits.