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Alan Diaz, Associated Press
In this photo taken Friday, Jan. 20, 2012 Ana Rodriguez gestures as she talks about the reasons she will not vote for Mitt Romney in North Bay Village, Fla. Ana Rodriguez, a Miami-based graphic designer who received political asylum and will become a U.S. citizen this year, Romney’s comments are precisely what motivated her to vote _ against him. “Because of what I went through,” Rodriguez said, “I want more people (elected) who are interested in supporting immigrants and want a more equal and fair system of immigration.”

MIAMI — Mitt Romney's promise to veto a measure that would create a path to citizenship for some illegal immigrants threatens to turn off some Hispanic voters. Their support could be critical in a general election match-up against President Barack Obama.

The issue is gaining prominence as the GOP front-runner heads toward the Florida primary, even though most of the state's Hispanics are Puerto Rican or Cuban-American and, thus, aren't affected by U.S. immigration law, nor view it as a priority.

Still, Florida is a state where 13 percent of registered voters are Hispanic, where the nation's largest Spanish-language TV networks are based, and where the nation's third-largest number of illegal immigrants live — intensifying the focus on Romney's position.