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Shara Park, Shara Park, Deseret News
Bill Hight uses a pump to help to control the flooding in front of his home in Liberty, Utah, Friday morning, Jan. 19, 2012.

LIBERTY, Weber County — Floodwaters threatened Liberty residents in Weber County and brought high water to Mendon in Cache County Thursday and Friday, as warm weather and rain combined with slush and melting snow to close roads and bring headaches to homeowners.

In some homes in Liberty, basements flooded despite efforts to protect houses with sandbags and pumping water from affected areas. Local officials in Liberty said flooding was made worse by the frozen ground, leaving it unable to absorb water from the latest storm.

"Just a lot of moisture and a frozen ground," resident Bill Hight said. "The water has nowhere to go so it goes downhill."

In western Cache County, a similar scene played out. Floodwaters entered buildings, but the canal and culverts overflowed with rain and mountain snowpack coming down the hillsides and blocking state Route 23 between Wellsville and Mendon through Friday afternoon.

Emergency crews drained the canals to open the road and lessen the danger of the flooding water, but crews and residents worry about what could happen if more rain pours down.

Friday, Liberty community members continued to check on those most impacted by the storm and to prepare for the next rainstorm. At least 50 people worked in the dark and cold to fill 3,000 sandbags.

"Now it's down to about 10 inches deep, last night it was getting up to 2 feet in some places," Hight said Friday.

Hight ended up with about 18 inches of water in his garage, while his neighbor had 6 feet of icy water in her basement.

At the Rich home in Bailey Acres, a pump continued to push water away from the house Friday afternoon as the streets filled with several inches of slush.

"The house was completely surrounded by water so it was a matter of getting the sandbags around and then they got big pumps in there to get it out," Tanner Rich said.

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