In addition to major flip flops on major issues, such as being fervently in favor of individual mandates and a woman's right to choose before being fervently opposed, as a dog lover, I have another reason to wonder about the quality of Mitt Romney's character.

Several years ago Romney strapped, in his words, "the beloved family pet," Shamus, a high strung Irish setter, in a cage on the top of a car for a 12 hour trip to the family's lakeside lodge. Not surprisingly, this arduous exposure to the elements caused Shamus to defecate in terror, thereby soiling himself and the car. Despite the dog's obvious acute distress, Romney merely hosed Shamus off with water at a gas station and merrily continued the 12 hour trip.

Romney, likely our next president if the GOP prevails, ignored the obvious, more humane choice of strapping luggage, instead of the "beloved family pet," to the top of the car.

Don L. Miller

St. George