A '90s beachside police procedural leads these TV shows that are new to DVD.

"Pacific Blue" (Mill Creek, 1996-2000, 19 discs, $69.98). This cable action series about bicycle cops in Santa Monica patrolling the beaches and dealing with everything from pickpockets to drug dealers is very light fare, but it can be fun … especially the first three seasons (there are five in all).

With the beach setting and a cast of eye-candy actors (and bikini-clad extras), the show was often compared to "Baywatch" — if they road bikes on the boardwalk instead of jogging in the sand.

No breakout stars but guests include Brian Keith, Mickey Dolenz, Carmen Electra, Maureen McGovern, Adam West and Destiny's Child (complete with Beyonce).

Extras: full frame, 101 episodes, featurettes, bloopers

"Bill Moyers: Amazing Grace" (Acorn, 1990, $29.99). Moyers looks at the history of what is arguably the most popular and enduring of all religious hymns and he also hosts an array of musical interpretations offered by Judy Collins, Jessye Norman, Johnny Cash and many others. Jeremy Irons provides the voice of composer John Newton in historical sequences.

Of special note is the bonus feature, an hourlong interview with Pete Seeger filmed at Seeger's home in New York (from "Bill Moyers Journal").

Extras: full frame, two episodes: "Amazing Grace" and "Pure Pete Seeger"; 12-page booklet

"thirtysomething: Season One, Volume Two" (Mill Creek, 1988, two discs, $9.98). The second half of the iconic show's first season delves deeper into the lives of baby boomers whose circumstances aren't quite what they expected, and it does so with more wit and intelligence than most such soap opera-style series.

Extras: full frame, 11 episodes

"The Civil War: Commemorative Documentary Collection" (Mill Creek, 2010, three discs, $9.98). Series of shot-on-video documentaries on various Civil War subjects, largely with battle re-enactments shot on location.

Extras: widescreen, 10 films

"Titanic: The Definitive Documentary Collection" (Mill Creek, 1998, $9.98). These documentaries on the Titanic focus on interviews with survivors, and chronicles of artifacts and memorabilia.

Extras: full frame, five documentaries