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Jim Rogash, Getty Images
Denver Broncos quarterback Tim Tebow takes a knee.

Up until now I've bitten my tongue when it comes to Tim Tebow. But now the dust has settled and the Denver Broncos have been broken and tamed, let me add a few drops of ink to the barrels that have been spilled about the man.

First, the problem has never been Tebow's faith. The problem is his public displays of prayer.

Years ago there was another left-handed quarterback who ran the ball like a little rhino. But Steve Young never turned his personal piety into a performance.

Imagine if every time Notre Dame or Brigham Young University scored a touchdown, the whole team got down on their knees to thank God for favoring them.

I'd be annoyed, too.

I'd want Snow College to beat them.

Still, that said, I've never picked up on any Pharisee in Tim Tebow. I don't think he's saying "Thank you, Lord, that I'm not like other men."

I think he's very humble and sincere.

Praying as he does is simply part of his upbringing, part of his culture — just as bursting into a manic mambo is Victor Cruz's way of celebrating touchdowns.

And Tebow rolls with the punches. His attitude seems to be, "Take me as I am." The last line in his autobiography, "Through My Eyes," not only sums up the book, but sums up the man.

"I simply pray that I will continue to have the humbling privilege to touch others," he writes, "and lift them up through His word — all for His glory."

I think he means it. And if his faith drives others to mock and ridicule him, to — in King James lingo — "persecute, revile and say all manner of evil" against him — it is all for the Glory of God.

To sum it all up, in the end, this is really a feel-good story all around.

Everybody gets what they want.

The detractors get to heap scorn, Tebow gets the Kingdom of Heaven for being persecuted for righteousness.

We journalists get something to write and talk about.

And the fans get to vent their passion without actually mugging somebody.

It's a win-win-win-win situation.

As crotchety Adam Schiff once said at the end of an old "Law and Order" episode: "Don't you just love it when everybody's happy?"

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