WEST VALLEY CITY — A 13-year-old was beaten and stabbed while walking home from school Thursday, police say.

Maid Dervisevic was walking with friends near 2937 S. 3315 West, when a vehicle pulled up and a group of older teens got out and accosted him, according to police.

Maid was hit with an electric baton and didn't feel much else, but his brother said the boy was "beat up pretty bad."

"He didn't even know he'd been stabbed until he put his hand on his neck and felt blood," Anel Dervisevic said. The boy reportedly crawled home and paramedics were called to take him to Primary Children's Medical Center, where he was in stable condition Thursday evening.

Police said the alleged attack appeared to be a random act of crime and that the only way the suspects and the victim knew each other was likely through interactions at school.

"It does appear to have some gang-related undertones," said West Valley City police Lt. Scott Buchanan. "The colors the kids were wearing might have spurred the original assault."

Dervisevic said his brother, who is generally a "quiet kid," had been wearing a red shirt. Others who had been walking with the boy ran away from the scene at the time of the attack.

Police had detained some individuals for questioning, but it remained unknown why the teen was targeted. Buchanan said an investigation is ongoing and witnesses of the alleged attack are encouraged to contact police.

"We're looking for answers," he said.

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