In their quest to find the anti-Romney the dissatisfied Republican electorate remind me of the man who sold his farm to go on a search for diamonds. The man searched the entire continent unsuccessfully for diamonds, and finally after becoming completely broke, in complete despair, threw himself into a river and drowned.

Meanwhile, the man who purchased the farm of this diamond searcher one day while crossing a stream on his farm saw a glittering object the size of an egg, picked it up and took it home and placed it on his mantle. A visitor eventually came to his farm home and saw this glittering object on his mantle.

The visitor told him that was probably the biggest diamond ever found. The new owner of the farm told the visitor that the farm was littered with these stones, and sure enough, it was.

The farm which the original owner had sold in order to go searching for diamonds turned out to be the Kimberly Diamond Mine, the richest diamond mine the world has ever known. The failure of the original farm owner to recognize that what he so desperately wanted to find was right under his nose can be a great lesson for those who seem to never be able to find what they are looking for.

Reid Swenson

Salt Lake City