I rarely read the sports page but was interested in the Ute coach's dismissal of Josh Watkins. As a long-time Crimson Club member and lover of Ute basketball, I was not only saddened but angered by Brad Rock's comparison of the present basketball team to yard sale merchandise ("It's coach's Utes now — whatever's left of 'em," Jan. 18).

Critically, Rock feels that these young men, who are playing under very trying and unusual circumstances, deserve to be compared to someone else's unwanted stuff. How would Rock feel if we compared his journalistic abilities and livelihood to leftover trash?

These players are not hardened business or political figures use to being slammed; they are young people looking at the beginnings of careers, working hard to contribute to a difficult situation, and trying not to let down their coach or fans by giving up or quitting.

Kudos to Larry Krystkowiak's hard work and ethics for what he has accomplished and to our dedicated players who keep going. The same kudos go to long-time Ute fans who did not throw in the towel and drop their season tickets when the going got really tough but stayed to support a long tradition of good basketball that can and will rise again.

Charlotte McDonald

Salt Lake City