Use your social media accounts to share your testimony.

Editor's note: This LDS Living article gives tips on how to use your social media accounts including Facebook, Twitter and Pinterest to share your beliefs.

Everyone and their dog seems to have some sort of online profile today, if not five or six. (Really though, my friend actually made a Facebook page for her dog.) Because its now so much easier to communicate, Church leaders have encouraged members to use social networking to share the gospel. Elder David A. Bednar recently said, It is no coincidence that FamilySearch and other tools have come forth at a time when young people are so familiar with a wide range of information and communication technologies. Your fingers have been trained to text and tweet to accelerate and advance the work of the Lordnot just to communicate quickly with your friends.

Facebook, Twitter, and blogs have exploded in the last few years, and while some people claim that having so many profiles is not healthy (or even safe), there are also great ways to use each of them to do missionary work. Below are the most popular social media websites and some creative ways to use them to teach the gospel.

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