Sarah Reingewirtz, Pool, File, Associated Press
FILE - In this July 8 2011 file photo, Christian Karl Gerhartsreiter, a German man who masqueraded as a member of the famous Rockefeller family, appears in an Alhambra, Calif. court. Gerhartsreiter faces a preliminary hearing Wednesday, Jan. 18, 2012 in the cold case murder of John Sohus, 27, who disappeared from San Marino, Calif. in 1985.

ALHAMBRA, Calif. — A man who once masqueraded as American aristocracy has been brought to a suburban Los Angeles County court in a baggy prison jumpsuit to face a murder charge and been told he will not be referred to as Clark Rockefeller.

Superior Court Judge Jared Moses appeared taken aback Wednesday when lawyers for Christian Gerhartsreiter (GAYR'-hahrtz-ry-tur) asked if he could be referred to as Clark Rockefeller because that is the name by which many witnesses know him.

The judge ruled that Gerhartsreiter will be called by his true name during the case's preliminary hearing.

The German immigrant is charged with the murder of a San Marino man who disappeared in 1985. Gerhartsreiter was previously convicted of kidnapping in Boston, where he posed as an heir to the Rockefeller oil fortune.