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Mitt Romney

The current attacks on Mitt Romney by both Democrats and Republicans regarding his business experience in the private sector form the basis for an interesting debate. The premise for the attacks is the idea that Romney as a business man was ruthless, cruel and didn't care for the little guy. Government, on the other hand, is benevolent and looks out for the little guy.

The attackers want you to believe that Romney put people out of work and destroyed jobs in order to make money. Romney concedes that his actions resulted in the loss of about 10,000 jobs but succeeded in creating over 100,000 jobs. As a businessman to determine whether or not what he did was best for America, you have to look at the big picture.

Some years back, government decided to close down some of its military bases in order to make the system more efficient and save taxpayer dollars. The decision as to which bases would be closed was to be based on good business practice and not on government policies. The result was that many people were laid off and endured the consequences of bankruptcy, loss of their homes and other financial catastrophes. But, in the big picture, is was good for America.

We can see what government has done with our economy so far. We are on the verge of financial ruin. We need a president with sound business experience to get us back on the right track. It is interesting to note that the two Republican critics of Romney's business practices, Newt Ginrgrich and Rick Perry, are both career politicians.

Blaine R. McCann

Pleasant Grove