Laura Seitz, Deseret News
Dan Liljenquist, a 36-year-old freshman state senator from Davis County, is considered by some as a rising star in Utah politics.

I am relieved and ecstatic to see someone so capable, intelligent and hard-working as Dan Liljenquist entering the race for U.S. Senate. Proponents of the incumbent push Sen. Orrin Hatch's standing after 35 years in office as the reason he should be given 42 years, intimating that Liljenquist will be unable to have much influence as a new senator.

Liljenquist's work in the Utah State Senate refutes that claim. He was told that he was too young and inexperienced in politics to make a difference in the Public Pension Fund emergency but went to work on it anyway, saving that fund in his first year in office to the relief of the entire State of Utah, pensioners and taxpayers alike. His second year in office he tackled Medicaid and was given unanimous support of his bill. Many other states have recruited him to do as much for them.

The honor he has been given as one of the nation's nine 2011 Public Officials of the Year by Governing Magazine is obviously well placed. The United States is in a state of extreme emergency. With well over $1 trillion of taxpayer debt accumulating annually, we need Liljenquist in Washington, and our country needs him now. Please support Liljenquist for U.S. Senate.

Deborah Henrie