Charles Dharapak, Associated Press
Republican presidential candidate, Texas Gov. Rick Perry, arrives at Business Speaks, a business and economic forum hosted by the South Carolina Chamber of Commerce, in Columbia, S.C., Tuesday, Jan. 17, 2012.

GREENVILLE, S.C. — Texas Gov. Rick Perry is taking a pause from partisan campaigning in South Carolina to pray for President Barack Obama's safety and wisdom.

Perry spoke Tuesday night at a large prayer gathering called "The Response" in Greenville, S.C. He made no direct mention of the GOP presidential contest or of Saturday's primary during his 10 minutes on stage.

Perry led a prayer in which he asked God to grant safety to "our president" and his family. He also said that "we pray that you light his way" in dealing with national issues.

Perry walked on stage without being introduced. Some in the audience seemed surprised to see him although his campaign had announced his plans earlier.

Perry led a huge rally last year in Houston to pray for America.