Tom Smart, Deseret News
The Bingham High School debate team watches the presidential debate between Barack Obama and John McCain at Bingham High School in South Jordan, Utah, Sept. 26, 2008.

There has been a lot of recent discussion in the news about Jordan School Districts shortened winter break. It's over now, but for future years, things need to change. Other school districts in the state got off much sooner.

Being a student at Bingham High School, and being involved with sports, I think we need a break. The holiday season is stressful enough as it is. The added stress of school and extracurricular activities can throw people overboard. Students aren't the only ones who need a break. Our teachers have families and deserve a break, too.

Jordan School District gets out for summer a week earlier than everyone else, but I think we should get out at the same time as the other districts and take that extra week off for winter break. I think everyone would benefit from that more.

I personally would rather have a long break in the middle of the year than to get out early for summer. There needs to be a change in the future.

Brooke Diamond

West Jordan