Kristin Murphy, Deseret News
Retail Associates Mike Jarmon and Jen Hiatt joke around while working on the busiest mailing day of the year at the post office in downtown Salt Lake City on Monday, Dec. 19, 2011.

I was raised in Ashton, Idaho. My father, R. Purl Cordon, was the rural route mail carrier for 30 years. He had two routes, each 25 miles long.

There is something my dad told me that I never forgot. The mail service was never set up to make a profit. It was a needed service for the mail to be delivered all over the U.S. Now in 2011, the government thinks that because the post offices are not creating a profit that they need to start closing them across the country.

Big mistake. A post office is still the one sure way for people, especially in the outlying villages and towns, to have a home town identity.

Alfred S. Cordon