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Bruce Smith)., Associated Press
This Wednesday, Jan., 11, 2012 photo shows a display detailing the effects of Minie balls, as part of a new exhibit about Civil War explosives at the Charleston Museum museum in Charleston, S.C. More than 100 rarely displayed shells, fuses and other munitions are part of an exhibit entitled "Blasted." The exhibit opened Friday, Jan. 13.

CHARLESTON, S.C. — A new exhibit at the Charleston Museum features some rarely seen ammunition that brought death in the nation's bloodiest war.

The exhibit that runs through Sept. 10 includes everything from shells used to sink ironclads to the Minie balls that were used by infantry and caused so much mayhem on the battlefields of the war.

Charleston has been bombarded more than any place in the Western Hemisphere and, during the Civil War, was pounded for 567 days by Union artillery.

Museum curator Grahame Long says the exhibit features a number of items from museum's vaults and examines in detail some things not usually discussed.

Historians estimate more than 600,000 died in the Civil War.